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Month: April 2012


You watch it happen. As she begins to fall in love with you and think to yourself, “I’ve been here before”. “You’re so different”, is what she says. But I have never been ‘drunk on love’. whiskey does a fine job, thank you.

Romance wears off quickly today. It isn’t long before we are all bored. I know this  particular girl, isn’t “about it”. She doesn’t have the “it” I’m looking for. She hasn’t gotta that _____

Things begin to slowly breakdown, lose speed. I’m half the world away planning my next move… And she knows it. Thats when catatonic becomes real. Even doing everything won’t change anything. I’ve already set sail, It’s only a matter of time before she realizes it too.

The touch of her soft warm skin. The way their hair smells. The taste of her feminine cherry lips. There is so much passion and pleasure to be had. The night is young my friends, be safe.


Unfaithfully Yours…

Be A Man. Approach More.

I’d been wanting to approach her for far too long.

She was standing, smoking a cigarette. “Hey your from…” we had a short exchange.  She said I had balls. Her cig was getting short, “hey lets we go get coffee.”, “I have a boyfriend”.

I emailed K and his email said, “Man the Fuck up.” I described the approach as “brutal” and “sucked”. He said…
“Dude, you’re in Halifax, a university town. The land of hormones and alcohol. If you’re going to tell me about a rejection it had better be some sort of epic story where a chick punched you in the balls in the middle of the cafeteria or where some girl puked on you during your attempt or something. A chick telling you that she has a boyfriend should feel like a commonplace everyday occurrence that you don’t even remember.”



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